Embracing big moves

Sixteen months ago, we moved to Northville, Michigan.  Twenty-five months before that we moved to Frankfurt, Germany.  Twenty-one months prior to that we moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Houston, Texas (which also happens to be our hometown).

No need to follow all that math… the point is, we’ve made some big moves in the past five years.

Embracing Big Moves photo1 edited.PNG

Our 6.5-year-old thinks moving, changing schools, and having to make new friends is the norm.  Last spring, she surprised us when she asked, “Where will I go to school next year?”  Poor thing thought we might be changing locations again.

While I can’t say that uprooting our family three times in five years has been easy, the truth is, these moves have all been good for us.

I can look back and see a specific purpose and season for each place we called “home”.  These moves have grown us and molded us in unique ways.  (I often joke about my “inner German” reminding me to do things in a specific fashion.)  Each dot on a map represents special friendships and church families that still truly feel like family.

We don’t have this whole interstate or cross-continental relocation thing figured out, but we have learned a few things along the way.  I love being able to share what we’ve learned with others, with the hopes that maybe you can benefit from our trial and error.  (Plus, I’m a former teacher, so passing along knowledge is just who I am.)

Thankfully, my good friend Raehyun Kim recently gave me the opportunity to do this.  She has just launched Link n Learn in Frankfurt, Germany… a central location where families connect, learn and network as part of an international global community.  Raehyun asked me to contribute to Link n Learn’s blog, and so I’ve written a four-part series on how we lived our Frankfurt life to the fullest.

While the series is specifically geared towards making the most of an expat assignment, I think it can help anyone looking to make a new move, even if it’s just across town.  Or if you’re firmly planted where you’re at, perhaps it will encourage you to embrace your home community in new ways.  You can check out Part One here.

And if you live in Frankfurt, you should definitely look into the really cool classes that Link n Learn offers for both children and adults.  (We would sooo be there if we lived just a few miles and a whole ocean closer.)

Have you made a “big move”?  What’s your best tip for making the moving process or transition easier?  Share it with us in the comments below!


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