New year, new journey

We spent a lot of time on the road this Christmas.

A big part of me loves driving on the open road, listening to some good tunes, and taking in the scenery.

Returning to our home from our home state, Christmas memories in the rear-view mirror and a new year of potential and possibilities ahead… my mind wanders and ponders.  My soul can’t help but be inspired.

Aren’t we always looking forward to the next destination in our lives?   (At the end of our 2700+ mile road trip, sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 12 nights sounded wonderful.)

But there truly is so much to take in along the journey.

New year journey v2

Winding roads.  Wide open spaces.  Tree-lined rolling hills…

Dilapidated barns.  Skylines and landmarks.  Quirky town names (here’s looking at you, Cut and Shoot, TX)…

Fences.  State welcome signs.  And mighty rivers dividing two cities.

Sometimes the journey is blue skies.  Sometimes it’s non-stop rain.  Sometimes it involves being cut off by terrible drivers or detours that make the journey longer than you originally planned.  But there is purpose in the journey.

And there’s also purpose in what’s behind in the rear-view mirror.

As I took in the sights and considered these things during our drive, I couldn’t help but see the correlation to thinking about vision and direction for the new year.  These questions came to mind:

As you enter 2018, what can you bring with you from 2017?  What is supposed to stay behind?  What did you experience in 2017 that you can continue to learn from in the new year?

And as you think about the year ahead, where would you like to be arriving come December 2018?  What are you going to name as important and valuable for this year?  What is your hoped-for destination?

And then how will you direct your route?  What mile markers will you aim for to help you make it to your destination?  Where will you stop to re-fuel and rest along the way?

In the past few years, I’ve said goodbye to New Year’s resolutions.  Instead, I’ve embraced intentional goal-setting.  With questions like what I’ve asked here, I’ve been able to sketch out a road map for the new year.  I end up with tangible steps towards my bigger goals.  And I’m encouraged to celebrate progress (yay for small victories!) and receive grace for myself when I get off-track.

Truth be told, it’s January 12th and I’m just beginning this process for 2018.  I’ve given myself permission to take extra time and really think through and pray over what I learned in 2017, what I’m leaving behind, what’s most important to me, where I’m headed, and how I’d like to get there.

While our end destinations can be exciting to dream and think about, don’t despise the journey because it truly can hold so much beauty.  (Believe me, this is a reminder that I need to hear often!)  We can learn so much from the journey and be transformed in it.  It’s where most of our life is lived.  And as we remember that, we have the power to make every day that we wake up beautiful and purpose-filled.

Here’s to a wonderful 2018, journeying together!

As we each dream and think about where we would like to be arriving in December 2018 (and in an effort to journey together), I’d love to hear about one of your hoped-for destinations.  Share it in the comments below… I’ll comment with one of mine, too!




3 thoughts on “New year, new journey

  1. As promised, I’ll kick off the comments with one of my own goals… fitness! I know, I know, kind of cliche. But after going through several rounds of infertility treatments over the past few years, I’ve lost a good amount of my muscle and cardio strength. So I’m working on figuring out my “best route” towards this destination and setting up mile markers for both motivation and to celebrate progress along the way.


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