The Dance

Dancing has always been a part of my life.  From ballet, to gymnastics, to making up Paula Abdul dance routines, to learning to two-step around the house with my dad, dancing has always been in me and a part of me.

God gave my soul a special gift when we he gave me a husband who can dance.

The Dance edited

One of my fondest early memories with Jay (when we were just friends) was dancing with him when a group of mutual friends went to the Broken Spoke in college.  The Broken Spoke is an Austin institution, one the last remaining true Honky Tonks, a place like none other in the world.  Country music legends have graced the stage at the Spoke and you feel like you’ve entered a different reality when you step onto the dance floor.

One of Jay’s surprise talents is that he can ballroom and country dance really well, thanks to some elective ballroom dance classes he took in college.  I have rhythm and natural dancing ability, but not so much of the ballroom variety.  But Jay can lead me well.  If I trust him in that moment on the dance floor and allow him to lead, it’s pretty incredible what we can come up with.   This is what we did that night at the Broken Spoke, on other occasions after, and ultimately, when we waltzed at our wedding reception.

So where am I going with this?

Two years ago, we found ourselves in a season in which we were seeking wisdom and direction for some big life decisions.  As I was reading and journaling about what obedience to the Lord really looks like, I came across this verse:

“But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is made complete in him.  This is how we know we are in him: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.” 1 John 2:5-6

As I pondered the idea of trusting God completely, and this beautiful intertwining of love and obedience, the Lord gave me a visual that resonated deep with my soul… dancing.

This kind of trust means grabbing God’s hand that is extended out to me, inviting me to dance.  He’s inviting me to trust, to follow, to believe that He knows the next step.  The next turn.  The stops along the way. 

I simply keep my eyes on Him.  And He is aware of everything around us.  He’ll lead me through it.  One move, one turn at a time. 

We both can’t be in control.  That’ll lead to trampled feet and stops and halts.  Hurts and unnecessary frustrations.  No, we both can’t lead.  HE will lead. 

I will simply step in, wrap my arm around Him.  I will place my other hand in His.  I will keep my eyes only on Him.  And I will follow.

I love this imagery.  Two years ago, as I was trusting the Lord in the circumstances before me, I would close my eyes to meditate and visualize us dancing through it all.  The song We Dance was the soundtrack of my heart.

This side of those circumstances, I can tell you that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  There were very hard days.  But the one thing that I knew more than anything, was that the Lord was there with me.  Some days we held hands, other days I needed Him to completely hold me.  His presence, love, and healing carried me through it.  I trusted Him even on those hard days.  And as I trusted, we kept dancing.

I don’t know what circumstances you are facing today.  It could be something big or you may just be in the trenches of everyday life.  Whatever it is, my hope for you is that you will have the courage to take the Father’s hand that is reaching out for yours.  And as you trust Him and dance with Him, that you will know The Love that will never let go of you.

*If you don’t already know the song We Dance by Steffany Gretzinger, I highly recommend you listen to it when you have a few minutes to yourself.  Let the words wash over you.  It’s beautiful.


4 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. This post is so beautiful! And I love that song. I always picture myself holding onto Jesus as we dance through life… sometimes in tears. There really is something special about that imagery!


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