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Hey there… I’m Amy. I’m so glad you’re here.

I have a passion for people, communities and cultures, and I especially love seeing how they intersect in the “everyday” today. This passion has taken many forms in different seasons of my life… growing up in a very culture-filled place (the great state of Texas), traveling to 25 countries, teaching Spanish as a foreign language in small-town Louisiana, leading a church missions ministry, tutoring children from a wide range of backgrounds, and serving in inner-city communities.

Over the past 10 years, our family has lived in Louisiana, Texas, Germany, and now, Michigan. No matter where we call “home”… we love to embrace local life, travel, and grow in the everyday mission of raising a Christ-centered family.

I think we can gain strength and wisdom from where we come from [ROOTS] and we can be inspired and transformed as we keep our eyes open and hearts engaged along the journey [REISE]. (In case you’re wondering, “Reise” is German for travel or journey, pronounced RISE-UH.) On my blog, I want to connect the old with the new to help make our present more beautiful, more compassionate, and more purpose-filled.

Some days I’ll write about something fascinating I learned on a recent trip, some posts might be about a quirky aspect of the cultures we’ve lived in, other posts will be telling stories from our own pasts, sometimes I’ll write on the humbling and humorous trials of parenting, and other times I might simply share what’s been on my heart recently. Through it all, the aim will be to connect the dots… to connect the [ROOTS] and the [REISE]… and to catch a glimpse of the greater story being written.. for me, for you, and for all of us.

Follow me on Instagram @rootsandreise, on the Roots and Reise Facebook page, or you can contact me at rootsandreise@gmail.com.



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